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Custom Systems

Fluitron engineering and manufacturing experience is available in designing, building, and testing complete customized turnkey systems for almost any pressure application.

Fluitron has the resources to design, manufacture, assemble, and completely test systems in our facility prior to shipment. We can provide any level of control to meet customer requirements, from manual controls to fully automated process systems operating in production environments.

Fluitron Custom Systems        Fluitron Custom Systems





Available Materials of Construction

Alloy 400


2000 psi


Circulation System
Data Acquisition
Dual Extractors
Heating System
Horizontal Vessel w/ Hydraulically Actuated Tilting
Pre-fill, Pre-Heat, Pressurize, Flow-thru, Vent and Evacuation Stages        
Quick-open Door


  • Hydrostatic Test Systems
  • Isostatic Presses
  • Pilot Plants & Reactor Systems
  • Oxygen Systems
  • Supercritical CO2 Extraction Systems
  • Special Application Pressure/Temperature Systems

Secondary Operation

Secondary Operations                

  • In-house Engineering
  • In-house Machine Shop
  • In-house ASME Code Weld Shop
  • Complete System Integration
  • Hazardous or Non Hazardous Electrical Classifications          
    • Wash Down
    • Class 1 Division 1
    • Class 1 Division 2
    • UL
    • CSA

State of the Art Controls

State of the Art Control                

Fluitron has the ability to provide any level of control, to meet the
customers requirements. Our experience ranges from manual
control to fully automated process systems operating in production

  • Manual, Microprocessor, PLC, or PC control
  • Complete System Integration
  • In-house PLC Programming
  • In-house Operating software program
  • Computer Interface
  • Data Acquisition
  • Pressure/Temperature/Flow/Level Control

Diaphragm Compressors
Reactors/Pilot Plants
Pressure Vessels
Isostatic Presses
High Pressure Pumps
Supercritical Extraction
Custom Systems
Containment Cells
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