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Diaphragm Compressors

Fluitron's Diaphragm Compressor services provide customers with expertise in designing, integrating and maintaining high quality, no leakage compressors. Our compressors feature:

  • Leak Free Design
  • Contamination Free Compression
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • High Compression Ratios
  • High Reliability
  • Safety
  • Automatic Leak Detection
We scrutinize every part manufactured and ensure our compressors meet or exceed performance and safety standards as well as fulfill our customer's specifications. Our staff has over 35 years of experience in compression and high pressure applications. We provide maintenance and troubleshooting for all our compressors. We even customize and improve existing systems. Here at Fluitron, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest quality system and support for their application. Our highly trained and experienced engineers are always available to ensure specifications are met and customers are satisfied.

Fluitron Diaphragm Compressor        Fluitron Diaphragm Compressor





Skidded Package Options

Automatic on/off systems
Control panels
Flow control systems
Motor starters
Pressure and temperature gauges  
Pressure and temperature switches  
Pressure and temperature transmitters                       
Pressure control systems
Pulsation Dampeners
Receiver tanks
Suction Filters

Diaphragm Compressor Standard Features

Leakage Free Design

In the Fluitron Diaphragm Compressor there are no
 dynamic seals or packing glands. All of the seals to the
atmosphere are static gasket or "O" ring seals. Therefore, the
compressor is as free from leakage as any static seal in the
system. Even in the event of a diaphragm or diaphragm seal failure
the leak free integrity of the system can be maintained. Fluitron
also offers a special ductile metal seal for extremely hazardous gas
service which can limit leakage to 1 x 10-9 std.
cc/sec. or less.

Contamination Free Compression

The gas system is completely "dry" with no lubricants or coolants
in contact with the process gas. The only parts in contact with the
process gas are metal and elastomeric or plastic seals.

Corrosion Resistant

Standard materials of construction are 300 series stainless steel for
non-wearing process wetted metallic parts. Other alloys are available upon
request in order to provide freedom from corrosion.


Fluitron Diaphragm Compressorsare ideal for a variety of
gases, including:
  • Toxic gases such as Carbon Monoxide
  • Explosive gases such as Hydrogen, Ethylene, and Methane
  • Reactive gases such as Oxygen and Fluorine
  • Expensive gases such as Neon, Krypton, and Xenon
  • Radioactive gases such as Tritium
  • High Purity gases such as Nitrogen, Helium, Argon, etc.

Automatic Leak Detection

The most important benefits of a diaphragm compressor are its
freedom from leakage and contamination. These benefits are
maintained in Fluitron compressors even in the event of a
diaphragm rupture or a seal failure.

Fluitron compressors include an automatic leak detection and
control system as standard equipment. This system will sense a
failure of either the diaphragms or the seals on the diaphragm
(normally "O" rings). The important feature of this system is that
it provides an indication of the failure while preventing leakage to
the atmosphere and contamination of the process gas due to the failure.

The basic monitoring device consists of a set of three (3)
diaphragms clamped between the process gas and oil heads,
Elastomeric "O" rings seal the top diaphragm to the process gas
head and the bottom diaphragm to the oil head.The center
diaphragm does not have any seals on it since it is designed to act
as a leak path. It is normally slotted radially to channel away any
leakage of gas or oil passing through the top (gas) or bottom (oil)

A secondary "O" ring seal is provided to trap the leaking gas or oil
and direct it to the leak detection and control system.

The leak detection system is essentially a small, closed chamber
with a pressure switch, gauge, relief valve and manual vent valve.
As the leaking gas or oil enters the chamber the rise in pressure
trips the pressure switch and provides an electrical signal for alarm
or automatic shutdown. All vent connections are threaded so that
they can be piped away to a safe vent area, thus, maintaining the
leakage free and contamination free integrity of the compressor.

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