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High Pressure Equipment Manufacturer

Fluitron Inc.

Fluitron Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of high-pressure equipment, specializing in custom pressure vessels and metal diaphragm compressors. Fluitron was founded in 1976 by Mr. Robert C. Wolf. Bob was an engineer and an inventor who designed and built the first metal diaphragm compressor in the United States in the mid 1950’s. Bob had originally founded Pressure Products Industries in 1954 and was associated with many pressure vessel design innovations that revolutionized the industry. Many compressor, pump, pressure vessel and valve designs in operation in the high-pressure industry today are a result of Bob’s designs and innovations.

Tony Chiccarine joined Bob Wolf in 1977 as a principal at Fluitron Inc. Tony had over 10 years of experience at that point with diaphragm compressors, pressure vessels and other high-pressure equipment. Tony took over control of the company when Bob Wolf retired in the early 1980’s. Tony remains the President today. Tony is joined by his son Bob who manages engineering and manufacturing. Bob has been with Fluitron full-time since 1993 and has worked in every department.

Fluitron remains a group of engineers and inventors with expertise in the design and manufacture of metal diaphragm compressors, pressure vessels, stirred reactor vessels and other high-pressure equipment. We have complete machine shop capability and an assembly and test capability to pressures of 150,000 psig. In addition to standard equipment, Fluitron will handle almost any project where our expertise, experience and manufacturing capabilities can be used. We have built hundreds of prototype designs for various projects around the world. Let us put our expertise and capabilities to work on your next project or current problem.