Our Story

    Innovation is at the heart of Fluitron’s story

    It all began in the mid 1950’s when Fluitron’s founder Mr. Robert C. Wolf (Bob) developed the first metal diaphragm compressor in the United States. An engineer and inventor, Bob founded Pressure Products Industries in 1954. His pressure vessel design innovations influenced the design of all types of equipment for the high-pressure industry, many of which are still in use today.

    In 1976, Bob founded Fluitron. Bob brought on Tony Chiccarine in 1977 as principal. Tony brought with him deep experience with diaphragm compressors and other high-pressure equipment.

    In 2022, Ara Partners acquired Fluitron and Bethlehem Hydrogen to establish a hydrogen platform to service the wider energy transition market.  

    Today, Fluitron remains a team of engineers and inventors dedicated to the design and manufacture of precision technology for industrial gas compression. We look forward to innovating the future hydrogen technology solutions which will enable the energy transition. 

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    Our Focus on Safety

    Safe & Reliable Solutions

    We pride ourselves on our proven track record of developing safe and reliable solutions for hydrogen gas handling. Our experts have representation in importance codes committee like NFPA 2 -TC (member) , CGA (Chair), and ICC.

    Our Facility

    Fluitron’s centrally located manufacturing plant in PA enables vital collaboration with our clients as needed. In general, all engineering, machining, inspection and assembly of our equipment is done in our plant. 

    As a thin and thick wall pressure vessel manufacturer, our capabilities range from basic pressure vessel fabrication consisting of pipe and standard heads, to highly engineered aerospace pressure vessels. 

    Our ASME engineers and design & fabrication experts are here for your most mission critical custom solutions. A complete facilities list is available for your review.

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