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Isostatic Presses

Isostatic Presses

Isostatic Press Manufacturer

We fabricate both warm and cold isostatic pressing equipment for powder metallurgy and other applications in a variety of sizes and pressure ratings. Our isostatic pressing equipment features the compaction chamber, pressurizing pump, fluid reservoir, piping and a convenient steel console.

Fluitron has the ability to provide any level of control to meet the customer’s requirements. Our experience ranges from manual control to fully automated process systems operating in production environments.

  • Manual, Microprocessor, PLC or PC Control (Labview or other software available)
  • In-house Operating Software Programming
  • Complete System Integration
  • Computer Interface
  • In-house PLC Programming
  • Data Acquisition
  • Turnkey Operation

All Fluitron vessels are fabricated from the highest quality pressure vessel materials. In addition, Fluitron is an ASME certified pressure vessel manufacturer, assuring the user of the highest level of safety.

PressuresUp to 60,000 psi
Standard Chamber Diameter From 1″ I.D to 10″ I.D.
Larger chambers available to 16″ I.D.
Length From 6″ to 24″
Closures Breech-Lock
Quick-opening Pin
Threaded Closures
Materials of Construction The body, cover and nut would be machined from forgings of high strength alloy steel that meet Fluitron’s exacting standards.

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