Our custom pressure vessels & reactors are perfect for research and process development

Custom reactors for your process

Our reactors are customizable in size (300cc up to 500 gallons), working pressure (up to 30,000 psig), material, and geometry. They are perfect for use for almost any chemical reaction application and can be operated under full vacuum.

We can certify all custom laboratory reactor vessels to ASME Sec. VIII Div. 1 or 2, or other pressure vessel codes such as CRNs and PED. 

We also offer a variety of drive units and impellers to meet a wide range of process requirements. With parameters such as fluid viscosity, density and agitator speed, our engineers can work with you in sizing and specifying an agitation system. 

We enjoy designing solutions for even the most complex needs, such as multiple hot zones, conical reductions, clusters of complex angled nozzles, sight windows, and even more features.

Let’s discuss your custom pressure vessel needs!

Common reactor types

Some of the more common reactors and pressure vessels we manufacturer are:

  • Industrial autoclaves
  • Titanium reactors
  • Hastelloy reactors
  • Inconel reactors
  • Monel laboratory reactors
  • Zirconium reactors

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