Most of our leads come through our website these days. We have great content and pictures that highlight what we do. But the main credit goes to Tom Gilmour who provides us his SEO services for manufacturing. If you landed on one of our pages from a Google search, it is because eXplorations Marketing has optimized our web content. If you are looking for an organic SEO consultant that understands manufacturing, B2B digital marketing and how best to use video to influence buyers. We recommend our website optimizer, Tom. He is a local SEO in Montgomery County PA that is smart, professional and delivers results.

WordPress Website Maintenance Guy You Can Afford

Sometimes we just need minor tweaks, updating WordPress plugins and a few maintenance tasks done. We also use Tom for those website maintenance services on a quarterly basis. Our website designer just charges us too much. So, we hire Tom 3-4 times per year to do that work at a fraction of the costs the designer charges us.

Testimonial Supplied by: Anthony Chiccarine