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Custom Pressure Vessels

Custom Pressure Vessels

High Quality Pressure Vessels Built to Your Specifications

Fluitron designs and builds customized laboratory, pilot scale, and commercial scale pressure vessels for use as reactors, accumulators, chemical tanks, storage vessels, process vessels, laboratory autoclaves, isostatic pressing chambers, hydrostatic test vessels, jacketed tanks, sample cylinders, etc. As a thin and thick wall pressure vessel manufacturer, our capabilities range from basic pressure vessel fabrication consisting of pipe and standard heads, to highly engineered aerospace pressure vessels. Our ASME engineering and fabrication expertise is available to you, whatever you need.

Process Tank Manufacturer

Looking for a jacketed process tank manufactured for your operation? We have experience with all types of jackets, including conventional, dimpled or half pipe. No matter what your requirements are for temperature-sensitive applications, Fluitron is ready to meet all of your needs. All of our jacketed tanks are custom fabricated to your exact specifications and are thoroughly inspected and tested. 

Each jacket option provides different benefits to the overall use of the pressure vessel, and the choice of jacket usually will depend on heat transfer efficiency, economy, and weight. Our process tanks and similar equipment have many applications in several industries such as chemical processing, petroleum production, food and beverages, oil and fuel processing, power generation, water applications, and more.

Pressure Vessel Alterations, Recertification, and Repairs

In addition to manufacturing new vessels, Fluitron is also certified to alter, repair, or recertify existing ASME vessels underneath our ASME R-stamp. This allows users the option of having vessels altered while maintaining the ASME Code certification. Alterations could include simply adding a nozzle or two, or a major modification such as the addition of a heat transfer jacket, magnetic drive agitator, or a sight window. Vessels can also be recertified by X-ray, magnetic particle, ultrasonic and other test methods as well as re-hydrotesting, which can be done to ASME or another pressure vessel code.

Materials and Mechanics

Because of the wide variety of applications that pressure vessels are used in, including aerospace, oil and gas, chemical, and other industry applications, there are a plethora of designs that Fluitron has worked on and produced. While most of our designs are Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel vessels, there are many that are Hastalloy, Monel, Inconel, Aluminum, Titanium, and other alloy vessels for more corrosive fluids.

In addition to the variety of materials, these designs also encompass a variety of closure types with many single main nut type and two piece nut and cover type threaded closures. Our two piece nut and cover closure can also be breeched, allowing for a quick opening full bore access closure that only requires the operator to turn the nut or cover a 1/6th of a turn before lifting it straight up out of the vessel. Where threaded closures are undesirable, Fluitron also has many designs for yoke style and pin type closures, offering quick opening capabilities with a rugged design.
If you are curious about which materials or closures are the best choice for an application, you can call or email our sales team to have them go through your individual requirements and determine the best vessel to fit your application. In order to do so, we need only to know the operating pressure and temperature as well as the general size of the vessel.

Our general capabilities include:

  • Welded pressure vessel and tanks from lab scale to 500 gallons
  • Pressures from 15 to 10,000 psi for welded vessels, and to 150,000 psi for forged vessels
  • Materials including Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Nickel-based Alloys, and other machinable, weldable alloys
  • Vessels in service temperatures from cryogenic temperatures to as high as 1000+ °F
  • Closures selected for the application, including:
    • Conventional bolted flange closures, utilizing standard ANSI flanges or custom Fluitron flanges where practical, for pressures up to 6,000 psi
    • Hinged man ways of doors for pressures to 2,500 psi
    • Threaded closures for pressures to 100,000 psi
    • Quick-opening breech-lock closures for low or high pressure vessels
    • Quick-opening pin vessels for pressures to 60,000 psi
    • Custom closures for almost any application
  • Seal designs are matched to the application, and include metal seals, gaskets, “O” rings, and self-energized seals
CertificationsASME Certified U1, U2, R
Materials of ConstructionCarbon Steel
Nickel-based Alloys
Other Machineable, weldable alloys
Stainless Steel
PressuresBolted Vessels: to 5,000 psi
Clamped Vessels: to 1,500 psi
Threaded Vessels: to 60,000 psi
VolumeLaboratory Vessels: up to 10 gal
Pilot/Production Vessels: up to 500 gal
Quick-opening DesignBreech-Lock
Vessel ConstructionForged
  • Horizontal or Vertical Configuration
  • Sight Glasses
  • Custom Openings
  • Heating/Cooling System
  • Instrumentation/Controls


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